Asia Travel Direct – Everything You Need to Know

Travel to Asia and go through the ‘Land of a Thousand Smiles’.

With exotic beaches, delightful cuisine and golden temples, a visit to Asia is mandatory for any passenger. Whether you’re looking to visit mad on a Thailand backpacking trip or get pampered in a idyllic vacation resort, we’ve got everything you need to arrange your excellent vacation in this classy country.

Thailand Weather conditions & Tiptures:

The best time to travel to Thailand is between marrying a thai woman November and February, when the weather is generally cool and dry. The rainy season coming from March to May can be very hot, nevertheless it’s also a great time to stop the crowds and enjoy Thailand’s stunning landscapes.

Thailand Spending budget:

Travelers on any budget can find something to suit them in this sultry property of tantalizing foodstuff and amazing temples. Depending on where you’re keeping yourself, a budget of around $25-30 will probably be enough to experience a relaxing period.


It’s extremely important to stay safe for the roads in Thailand, especially if you’re operating a motorbike or going for a bus. By using a bus organization that is responsible for their people is the best option.

Organized tours:

A travel of the temples or a trek through the new world is an excellent way to see Asia. However , be sure to book having a reputable tour company and choose a tour this does not involve cycling elephants, as is extremely unsafe to gentle beings.


There are many colored and thrilling festivals that happen throughout the year in Thailand, including Songkran (April) which is a three-day water event where people next door manage to get thier faces displayed. You should also check out Chiang Mai in November when the Loi Krathong and Yi Peng festivals take place.