Is Rio Safe? A lot more than you think!

Oh, I so hate it when the reception staff is judgmental. It’s even worse when you get the feeling this judgemental attitude came with the job description and everybody has it. But I feel it my duty to say that Brazil is not just Rio de Janeiro, there are many other incredibly beautiful states, and kind people.

I always felt safe during the day but during the night there, it is whole other story. It is again, called “travel blogging.” A person blogs about their travel experience and is not an expert on the country, but looks at it through a traveler’s eyes. In civilized countries we aim to allow for something called freedom of speech. This is a website on a server in one of these countries. If you don’t like freedom of speech, then stop expressing your views.

  • A pretty good cheaper date spot would be The Bar Surfshop in Copacabana at R.
  • If they aren’t down move on to the next one, don’t assume just because you kissed her that you will definitely be getting laid.
  • I agree with everything you say, there are good and bad people everywhere.
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  • Middle aged white Anglo origin males do bring out a natural hatred in a certain type of Brazilian, male and female.

These girls know how to enjoy the life to the fullest and how to express their affection to men. Once the capital of Brazil, Rio is now famous for its wild carnival, pristine beaches, and samba vibes.

Stay aware of your surroundings, stick to main roads, don’t enter favelas, and you should be totally fine. TheEscadaria Selaronis the bright mosaic stairway that leads up to Santa Teresa. Of course, you’ll want to visit Sugarloaf Mountain – take the cable car from the station next to Praia Vermelha in Urca to get to the top. A crisp, sunny day is a superb time to go to enjoy the panoramic views over Guanabara Bay, its boats bobbing along one side and the spiky mountain peaks sloping down to the bustling city on the other. Possibly, however, the most rewarding time to go may be in the evening, just in time for sunset.

I retired two years ago, my wife retires this year. We will be selling up and moving to small town Southern England. I am a lot more tolerant to many aspects of Brazil life than my wife. She will get upset if we are having lunch at a cafe and a car pulls up, the occupants sit at a table and start blasting base music full volume from the car.

Rio fascinates for its remarkable beauty and energy and is far more than its reputation of crime and violence. Markus is a relationship/dating expert and the editor-in-chief of He first tried online dating in the 90s and now has more than 20 years of dating and relationship experience with women from all over the world. After so many years on the online dating scene, he decided to help other men find casual dates or true love online by sharing his top dating tips. The various tourist attractions and well-known sites in Rio are only one of the fascinating and fun things to do there. If you’re lucky, you can run into many ladies there, from Brazilian tourists to local Rio females who are on vacation.

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The obvious place to meet local Rio girls is at one of its gorgeous beaches. And out of all the city’s beaches, Ipanema beach and Copacabana beach are probably your best shot. If you are planning a trip to Brazil and are wondering where you can meet single women in Rio de Janeiro, I’ve got you! Discover the best places to meet and date girls in Rio. The local girls are known as Cariocas and there are some pretty big misconceptions about them. They love to dress very sexy and flirt, but hooking up isn’t necessarily on their minds.

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Many female tourists wait until they get to Rio to buy their bikinis for the beach, just to make sure that they will fit in accordingly. As a general rule, don’t visit the favelas , especially in Zona Norte, even on a guided tour. Your safety can’t be guaranteed by the tour company or the police when traveling into these communities. However, travelers should be aware of some safety issues — that’s why locals helped us create this guide to staying safe in Rio. It covers everything from public transportation to the coronavirus pandemic. Copacabana at night did feel a bit dodgy – I got a taxi then.

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Some guys prefer to rent a short term apartment and to make sure that guests are allowed before they book. It still won’t be cheap, but is usually a better option than a hotel. Don’t be the guy who goes around abruptly hitting on girls in an outright sexual manner.

Brazil went through a period of rapid economic growth between 2001 and 2011. Per capita GDP rose from $3,000 to $13,000 as the country became the world’s sixth-largest economy. This economic boom led to over 20 million new jobs, higher employment rates, and greater incomes for both women and men. The resulting increase in women’s earnings encouraged families to decrease women’s unpaid care work responsibilities in a variety of ways, including redistributing care work among family members. The government’s Bolsa Familia program provides cash payments to poor families who make sure their children attend school and receive regular health check-ups.

Its the most diverse both genetically and lingustically country. You can see heritages of different groups that emigrated to Brazil and some town preserves its architectures.