The company is fully focalized in the PET field. Due to the outstanding competence  and the extensive know how  accumulated in the last decades it becomes rapidly a reference partner for the PET industry in the world by developing, in what is an extremely demanding and highly competitive market, a complete range of innovative solution for the PET  industry.

The distinctive feature which represents our company is the perfect balance achieved between the small niche market in which operates and the wide range of  specialized technology that is able to offer.

The thirtyfive-year managing experience in this market sector and the great versatility of the PET resin reflect perfectly the company’s innovative drive.

Point Plastic’s particular strengths:

  • high specialization  in a niche market  and wide global geographical presence,
  • strong innovation with substantial investments in research and development;
  • strong customer relationship based on providing high quality service tailored made to the specific requirement;
  • clear, shared business values and goals;
  • organic and sustainable business growth over time;
  • innovations supported by intellectual property with patents filed worldwide.


Point Plastic’s mission for the coming years is to increase the  value proposition througth the whole PET chain by offering outstanding technological solution. The company innovative drive will consider only the solution that will fully comply with the latest rules about Circular Economy.