Fully Recyclable A-PET barrier trays in circular economy.

More than 1,3 million tons of A-PET trays are today commercialized in Europe and 1/3 of it are oxygen barrier trays produced for  MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) applications.

This type of trays is based today on multi-material PET/EVOH/PE that is absolutely a problem for the recycling stream because the presence of PE and EVOH in a limit above 5%  generates problems for the circular economy.

Our green solution, already commercialized, is based on a novel oxygen barrier additive that is added during the extrusion process  in the recycled PET matrix. This new material can offer oxygen barrier properties similar to the existing trays, extremely high transparency and good recyclability.

Our patented additive offers to the market the solution to switch from non recyclable multi-material solutions to recyclable  mono-material solutions supporting the circular economy process in the packaging industry.

From the beginning of the introduction of the new additive on the market more than 350.000.000 A-PET barrier trays in Europe and US are already based on our solution.


Fully Recyclable A-PET barrier trays in circular economy.